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Hi! I'm Elissa

If you're like most homeschoolers, you've taken charge of your child's education for a reason. You found that public schools didn't fit your child's learning style, didn't match your values. Or maybe lacked variety, flexibility, academic focus, or all of the above. And you don't want your teaching to mimic what was happening in the classroom. You want a to provide a balanced, well-rounded education which:

  • includes real-life application

  • teaches self-motivation

  • encourages critical thinking

  • reflects your lifestyle, values and morals

  • encompasses all of life, not just academics


You want multi-dimensional, quality experiences for your kiddos. And that's a good thing! Successful teaching and learning experiences happening every day instead of once in a while. Peace of mind because your children are experiencing joy in learning. And a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for you.


But you're not sure if this is possible. Especially with something as ambiguous as art. Feeling like you're not creative causes you to question your credibility in tackling art with your kids. Art is so broad! And messy! Sound familiar?


You're not alone.

I've interacted with many parents (and teachers) about their insecurities around the subject of art. The good news is I help dedicated homeschoolers like you find success creating meaningful art experiences that impact every area of your child's learning. My mission is to give you the courage and tools you need to end the fear factor and start teaching with confidence.

Through this blog and other tools,  I'm creating an art school revolution at home! Everyday I see parents step out of their comfort zone and enjoy teaching art.

I hope you join us!

 have questions? feel free to drop me a line at elissa@homeartschool.com

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